In 2016,<br/>we …

In 2016,
we …

In 2016, we created, designed, visualized, structured, developed, directed, worked, scheduled, planned, managed, inspired, met, wrote, illustrated, photoshopped, trelloed, basecamped, and basically had a lot of fun. Here are some of last year’s highlights.

In 2016, we…

… entered new worlds of food education,

… created an online research library for all things water in the Netherlands,

… said hello to Karlijne en Gerben,

… developed a platform where all Nutricia Communications staff go for their communication tools,

… created engaging visual communication to help find a cure for ALS,

… imagined visual wonders for the best theater company for families and children in the whole wide world,

… launched our new website (and boy are we proud of it!),

… designed the most beautiful learning method for hospitality and cooking education in existence today,

… gave the online presence of watercycle research in the Netherlands and abroad a boost,

… started working on the best picture managing tool available,

… did some crazy things with video,

… did some even crazier things with photography,

… designed the number one magazine for Utrecht’s international visitors,

… went to a lot of parties (we never seem to be short of causes for a celebration),

… created an interactive sea journey with boats (and seals and polar bears),

visualised a programme that helps local governments in Lebanon and Jordan cope with the ever growing number of Syrian refugees,

… helped to get people in Utrecht to exercise more,

… designed a looooooooot of books,

… were still very happy with our beautiful location in the heart of Utrecht.

And in 2017, we…
promise to do a lot of new exciting stuff!
Have a great year everyone.