LOGOReP: coping with refugees in the region
VNG International

LOGOReP: coping with refugees in the region

As millions of Syrian refugees are fleeing their country, three major Dutch cities are helping local governments in neighbouring countries cope with the effects of this massive inflow. The Local Government Resilience Programme (LOGOReP), initiated by VNG International, addresses issues like drinking water and garbage- and sewage disposal in Jordan and Lebanon.

Visual storytelling

VNG International asked Flow to create engaging communication for the project, mainly targeted on a political and institutional audience. We wanted to tell the story as visually as possible, focus on the work being done, and show the results of the LOGOReP approach. The project has Dutch experts from the municipalities of Amsterdam, The Hague and Almere together with VNG International collaborating with their Jordanese and Lebanese counterparts in a very structured and professional way. What you see is professionals working together on scenarios for the future, besides solving immediate health- and hygiene problems for refugees.

Flow created a visual style for the LOGOReP project and art directed all visual communication, resulting in a website, videos and presentation materials. Apart from the main story, the website allows for easy addition of cases and projects, so that visitors can monitor progress and results as the programme develops over time.

Here’s a short clip from the main LOGOReP video:

For the complete story and full length videos, visit the LOGOReP site.

Client: VNG International