MAG Utrecht: <br/>A Colourful Guide to the City
Stichting Cultuurpromotie Utrecht

MAG Utrecht:
A Colourful Guide to the City

Uitagenda magazine, the main source for all things cultural in Utrecht, has gone international. MAG Utrecht is the free english bimonthly culture and lifestyle magazine for the city, made for our international visitors and residents.

MAG Utrecht: nice and small

Fancy a festival, a concert or an exhibition? Or just want to know where to find the best restaurants and bars, the coolest shopping hotspots and the best places to stay? It’s all in there, packed into a tiny format that fits easily in your travel bag.

‘A visitor should be able to plan a whole day and evening with the MAG Utrecht as a guide.’

Short, inspiring and immediate

Flow made a design in which the relationship with the Uitagenda magazine is evident. But we didn’t want the exact same thing as the cultural agenda. International visitors are a completely different audience than that of the Uitagenda, which are mainly Utrecht residents. Information should be short, inspiring and immediate, and provided within a touristic context. A foreign visitor on a city trip should be able to plan a whole day and evening with the MAG Utrecht as a guide.

Colourful cover art

For quick reference, we designed a coloured tab system that divides the magazine into six main sections: Culture, Shopping, Explore, Eat & Drink, Calendar and Map. All addresses and locations mentioned in articles refer to the map. To make sure MAG Utrecht stands out among other magazines and is instantly recognised, all MAGs have the same distinctive and colourful cover art style. Making a new cover every two months is a lot of fun for Giovanni and Saïna.

You can find the free MAG at the Tourism Office and all around Utrecht in cafés, restaurants and shops.

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